5 Video Contents Your Business Needs Right Now

Videos Your Business Needs

The point is that no matter what company you’re part of (health, lifestyle, retail, tech, manufacturing, professional services, etc.), or target audience (B2C or B2B), high-quality video content is an effective method to build brand recognition, generate leads, drive sales, and raise your customers to evangelists.

Whether you or not you are familiar with video marketing, you should know that there are five main types of videos your business needs to include in a successful marketing campaign: Fear not. We’re here to help.


Mission Statement / Company Overview

At the very least, you want to have a video on your company’s home page that depicts some of the following: who you are, what you do, who you serve, what problem your product or service solves, and or what you believe in. Keep it up-to-date and optional, and look at it as your flagship asset. Adapt it to various mediums: live-action, cartoon animation, or some combination of the two.


Product Demos

After you have developed solid overview videos and customer success stories, it’s an ideal time to focus on potential clients who might be further down the sales funnel with more in-depth or specific tutorial videos. These could be explainers of individual products, live walkthroughs, recipes, unboxings, or other in-depth instructional videos.

Unless there’s a real reason for it, it’s best not to just post-webinar recordings. If you just have to, then go ahead, but if it is not necessary, then it’s much more preferable, to be honest: webinars are great live but aren’t that great for restreaming as videos. Try to make your video 3 to 5 minutes long, and know that it still accomplishes what webinar recordings do in an hour.

Success Stories of Customer

Nothing more effectively validates your manufacturer’s credibility than an exceedingly positive customer reviews video. Business entities in the B2B sector must focus on cultivating their long-term relationships with customers. Organizations in the B2C sector should work with celebrities or everyday customers to produce crowd-sourced content.


Thought Leadership​

Often easy to accomplish, yet very effective in building rapport with prospects nearing their purchasing decisions, thought leadership videos have your viewers rattled with helpful content and position your co-workers as experts. Would you purchase from someone you know is an expert (because you’ve observed it firsthand)? Indeed, I thought so.

Culture / Recruiting​

Every company must have great employees so it can succeed. Use video to highlight your company’s culture as a way to attract the very best talent. It goes without saying that this is just scratching the surface, and video must be used in all marketing endeavors during the year.


Developing marketing content is only half the battle. To be successful and influential, you must strategically plan how you want to share your videos across your entire martech stack. It requires time, work, and cash, but it’s completely worthwhile.

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